For the record
12:21 p.m. - 2005-11-18

Work as been shit pure shit!! There is high school bullshit going on. I reached my boiling point yesterday. I went to my boss's office to vent. Boy did I! I was pissed that they didn't let me go on my trip. I explained that to her. I feel like they are letting a certain person get away with murder. I just didn't understand why oh why she gets to do what ever she wants.

I finally thought about it for a long time last night. There are things that I can not change. My best friend is getting hurt big time. But I truly believe that the more that we continue to think about it it will only hurt us more. So the other person don't want to take any blame so be it. That is her and she is the one that needs to figure out her mentalness. So I am going on with my life and not staying in the mess. Its time for me to be happy and enjoy my job again. That's my peace and I am over it!!!

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